Sound & Styles Set for pa1x / pa1x pro

Download a set with styles and sounds for korg pa1x / pa1x pro. The download link is here.

Due to problems of file hosting service, the download link is broken. We apologize for that.
White we are repairing it, please check the new styles and sounds for Korg Pa1x here:

Best site you can download korg pa styles !
Sound & Styles Set for pa1x / pa1x pro Sound & Styles Set for pa1x / pa1x pro Reviewed by Admin on 10:04 PM Rating: 5


  1. Hello Mr Administrator
    great site on korg, I'm french so do not read English I translated by Google. I have your attention teoisn of the link from korg megas_package 30-10-09.part.11.rar is not downloadable so I can open by the previous. Have way to correct this error?
    I thank you in advance